Where work is done, mistakes can be made.

If you are not satisfied with the way we work, we are sincerely sorry. We hope you can resolve it with the staff member handling your case. You can contact our staff or send them an e-mail explaining what you are not satisfied about.

Filing a complaint

If you cannot find a good solution together then you can file a complaint with us. A formally filed complaint is handled within our office by judicial officer Jeroen Wegbrands.

How do you file a complaint?

A complaint must always be made in writing. It is important to always include your own information (name, address, phone number) in the letter or e-mail and the case number if applicable. It should also clearly state the date on which you file the complaint, along with a clear description of the complaint. If you would like the judicial officer to have a conversation with you about the complaint you can ask to be heard.

If you have described everything correctly you can send the complaint to:

Swier c.s. Gerechtsdeurwaarders B.V.
Attn: J. Wegbrands
P.O. Box 22045
1100 CA Amsterdam
E-mail: info@swiercs.nl

You can also file a complaint using the complaint form below.

Upon receipt of your complaint, we will send you an acknowledgement of receipt. We will try to complete the processing of your complaint within 14 days.

Disciplinary Law

Should you feel that we have not properly resolved your complaint, you may file a complaint with the Chamber of Bailiffs in Amsterdam. However, there is a cost associated with this. How to file a complaint with the Chamber of Bailiffs can be read on the website the Judiciary.