Together we come to a solution.

No income

If you cannot pay because you have no income or it is too low, it is wise to seek help. The best thing to do is to contact the municipality where you live. The municipality is obligated to help you and can take many worries off your hands. Below, you can search for the municipality in which you live and find the contact information to ask for help directly.

Let’s hear from you

It is wise for you to let us know that you are (temporarily) unable to pay and that you are in the process of finding a solution for this. In fact, if we do not hear from you, our client may ask us to initiate legal proceedings against you and then proceed to seize your income, bank account or contents. This brings a lot of misery and extra costs for you, which only increases your problems. Prevent this and make yourself heard!

Debt relief or administration

If you cannot pay because you are registered with a debt counselor or administrator please let us know. Below you can enter your own information and that of the debt counselor or administrator. We will then contact this party to discuss your case.

Your details

Details of your administrator or debt counselor