The calculation of your attachment-free foot

Check the calculation of the attachment-free foot

How we have calculated your attachment-free foot is shown on the so-called model notice attachment-free foot that you have received from us. We have calculated your garnishment-free foot using data from the Basic Registration of Persons (BRP) and the UWV’s Policy Administration which shows what income you have.

In addition, we have taken into account your living situation. Living situation is about how you live, whether you have a partner and what your family situation is. We also take into account the children registered at your address. Exactly how we calculate your garnishment-free foot is explained here.

Using the government’s Calculation Tool below, you can check for yourself whether your attachment-free foot is correct.

Communicating changes in living situation

If you feel that we have not calculated your garnishment rate correctly you can always contact us with questions or changes. Below you can see the situations in which this may be the case.

Please note the following: The information about your real (actual) living situation must be correctly registered with the municipality. If your living situation (for example, the number of children living with you) is different than in our calculation, you must first have it adjusted at the municipality and then report it to us.