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The meaning of documents/official acts

Swier cs doesn’t have a clear vision on claims only. In our cooperation with you as a lawyer, we like to work as transparent as possible. That way you know exactly what you can expect.
The bailiff has a national power since 2001. It doesn’t matter where we have our office, we can do writs through the entire country.
At Swier cs Bailiff and Collection Agency the focus is on issuing writs in Noord-Holland and Flevoland. To keep our offer clear Swier cs has a network of quality selected colleagues.
This means you can also hand over your writs for the rest of the Netherlands to us. That way you are secured that all of your assignments are being treated with equal quality and service. Naturally, it is also possible that with a specific assignment the bailiffs of Swier cs handle it outside above mentioned area.


After the verdict the sentence isn’t always lived up to. Swier cs offers you the possibility to hand over the verdict to be handled as an execution file. That means that Swier cs will take care of all execution acts which are necessary to enforce payment. The advantage is that you don’t have to handle the file yourself.  That means you don’t have to give a new assignment for every new act. We will regularly give updates from our progress. You can also choose to let your client come in direct contact with Swier cs so that you don’t have to serve as the middleman.


Swier cs Bailiffs charges settlement costs for the handling of an execution file. The standard settlement costs are 5% of the recovered amount, over the first 10.000 euro over the following we charge 2.5%.
Those costs are a reimbursement for all the administrative actions and can’t be recovered from the debtor.
The costs for official acts are, in principle, recovered from the debtor. However, in case of non execution, for example by bankruptcy from the debtor, the costs will be for your client.  Besides that, in case of non collection costs, the costs can be charged to your client for the acts of third party’s . This can be costs for the taking of a GBA, costs for the request of an extraction from the Chamber of Commerce and other situations.
The costs for doing only official acts, so called individual assignments, are in accordance with the annually stated BTAG-rates.

To submit an assignment please send an email to:

The advantage of collaboration with Swier cs

Swier cs would like to collaborate with you in case of the handling of all your individual assignments and execution files. Below are all the advantages of a collaboration with us:

  • From now on you’ll have only one address for all your assignments through the Netherlands.
  • You will have a special phonenumber which you can use 24/7 for all urgent jobs.
  • If requested in the case of an execution file there can be direct contact between Swier cs and your client.
  • You won’t have to worry about anything.

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