About Swier cs

swier cs gerechtsdeurwaarders en incassospecialistenIn summary, Swier cs Gerechtsdeurwaarders is a compact and highly experienced bailiffs and debt collection office. Because of our size and extensive expertise we can offer you high quality, but always personal service.
Our transparent way of working gives you a complete understanding of the process. And, also very important, we almost always get a remarkably high efficiency.


‘It is about people’


Michael Swier

According to founder of Swier cs, Michael Swier. He grew up in the bailiff business. His father was the founder and for a long time involved as a partner of Swier & van der Weijden. Michael worked as a nominee officer for several offices. From 2001 – until the start of his own office – he worked as a partner at GGN Swier & van der Weijden.
Michael has been excited for the business since he was a young boy. He saw and still sees a huge challenge in the sharp interface of his profession. On the one hand we make sure our clients get what they are entitled to. On the other hand we try to help people who are in financial trouble as good as we can. That’s what Swier cs is all about.

We want to be a professional, but compact organization, in which there is enough time and space for a proactive and personal approach and attention for the human aspects.

‘It must always be clear what and why we do things’

Another often used phrase by our founder. And you can hold us to it. Swier cs wants to be accessible and transparant for everyone. In our communication we strive towards as much clarity and as little as possible jargon. Our lines of communication are short. You’ll always have a fixed contact and you can always ask questions or submit comments. We are also transparant about our approach and the role you can play, your chances and limitations and about the declarations. It is our absolute conviction that that is the only way you can build a long term relationship with your clients.

Additional functions
From 2004 Michael Swier has been a member of the Members Council from the Koninklijk Beroepsorganisatie van gerechtsdeurwaarders, Since the last two years he is also the chairman of the Court Resort Amsterdam and he’s active in several commissions of the KBvG.

Swier cs has a code of conduct on base of which all claims are handled


  • Swier cs will provide a clear and transparant communication towards clients, debtors and third parties
  • Swier cs will actively keep clients up to date and will collaborate the moment that a social irrisponsible situation arises when  making a claim. Swier cs will refer, if necessary, the concerning person to social aid.
  • Swier cs will at all times respect the conditions as set in the Data Protection Act
  • Swier cs will take absolute secrecy for all the information when handling an assignment.
  • Swier cs will not accept any debt restructuring proposals from debt relief agencies which are not connected to the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Volkskrediet, unless the proposal seems reasonable, or the client specifically asks to accept the proposal.
  • Swier cs will not calculate any unnecessary costs to debtors.